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Like his mentor Manuel de la Torre, Jason Witczak's goal is simple - to make each person that he encounters a better golfer.

Jason feels that the information he teaches is not state of the art or high-tech, that it has been around since the beginning of time and is based in simple physics and geometry - how to allow your body to do a repetitive motion over and over again, a motion which is singular and not plural.

Jason's multidisciplinary background across many sports enhances his understanding of the golf swing.  As a student of athletic motion, Jason is known for his expertise in kinesiology and with that vision he is able to help everyone from a Major League hitter, an NFL kicker, a World Long Driver or PGA Tour Player all the way to a complete beginner who is new to the game ... each with the concise goal to maximize their movement to create efficient velocity between player and golf club in a better and more effective way.

He is not one to speak about his accomplishments, but Jason doesn't feel as if he kicked a football 80+ yards, threw a fastball in the low 90's, or was able to hit a lightning fast hockey slap-shot because he used his body ... he was able to accomplish these things because he used his hand and arm speed to create leverage with a solid base (his body) paired with either the stick, leg, or arm.